Snake River Mini's

We are pleased to announce a litter for your consideration. June 9th Riot surprised us with 10 beautiful
babies. 8 lovely girls and 2 handsome boys make up this family.
Snake Rivers Stir It Up With Chandrea, RA, CGC  'Riot' and CH Chandreas Ruff Terrain 'Tundra'

Riot was born right here to Ditto x Calvin. She is a most lovely blue bi colored girl with a heart of pure
gold. This girl wants nothing more than to please her people, and she does.
Tundra, oh my.... Well, we have a story behind this dog. He is also the daddy to our Whisper. What better
testament than to go back to the dog that started us off with a bang! A beautiful dog with an intense
zest for life and his babies repeat that and more.
Riot : OFA hips/elbows: good, MDR1 n/n, HC and PRA clear, Thyroid Normal. Annual CERF, no notations
Tundra : OFA hips/elbows good, HC, PRA, CEA and Thyroid Normal, MDR1 n/m. Annual CERF, no notations
Deposits are being considered now.

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