Snake River Mini's
April 7, 2019 brought us 6 little lovlies.  This was especially fun as it was a home grown sire's first
litter.  Mama is our International Ch Snake Rivers Rather Obvious 'Brazen' and Snake Rivers
Hankerin' 4 The Beach 'Hank'.  I was pretty surprised when the first 5 born were red, finally
Brazen gifted me with 2 lovely blue merles.   Hank lives in Washington State with good friends Ted
and Cathy Beach.  Hank is Ted's buddy and he is a delightful blue eyed red tri out of Ready and
Moji.  I don't know who is more excited, me or Ted ;0)
Both parents have full panels through Paw Print Genetics, all clear with an exception of an MDR1
possibility.  More information by request.
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April 14, 2019
Snake Rivers Pardon My Panache and Snake Rivers Hankerin' 4 The Beach
Panache and Hank did not disappoint, 5 little's with a lot of type, great substance and
consistancy and some blue eyes thrown in the mix. Yes, this was a tri to tri litter. 1 girlie and 4
strapping boys. I am loving these babies.
Please join me in enjoying the 'Ivy League' grow.
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