Snake River Mini's
I have made the switch to Life's Abundance All Life's Stages Dog Food. Incredible results are being seen not just in
my dogs, but in those that I have recommended it to as well! Results include: Softer, shinier coats, allergies reduced,
limping gone, weight loss, more energy, firm stools and less of it!  
This is what your puppy and his / her mother have been raised on and I encourage you to continue with this
excellent  food choice.  Lifes Abundance is mail order only, shipped right to your door, which is a huge convenience
for a busy lifestyle. Added bonus! There has never been a recall on this food!!! Made in small batches, not stored in
a warehouse for months and months. You receive FRESH FOOD!  I just love fresh food! There are also many amazing
products from this company, cat food as well. Please take a look and see what could possibly be a wonderful positive
in your life.

Champion Desert Sun's Little Black Dress At Snake River 'Ireland' and Grand Champion Snake Rivers Dare To
Stare 'Beckham' amped up the anticipation by making us wait for an extra 4 days to share these little secrets.
The result is 4 girls and 1 little black boy.  Named after the family of 5 siblings I grew up with. No theme, it's the
real deal! Please meet Michael, Sandra, Patricia, Debra and Karen.