Snake River Mini's
Rimmel and Jax delighted us with a beautiful litter of 7 on the first day of Spring. 4 girls
and 3 boys make up this lovely family.

Equinox is currently available, 8 weeks old and as sweet as can be.
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Multi CH Chandrea's Gossip Girl At Snake River, CM 'Whisper'
Picasso's Caught Red Handed At Snake River 'Jax'
Almost two years I have waited for this cross. Impatient you could say, but it seems the wait
was worth it. 5 lovely babes joined us on Jax's 2nd Birthday, a colorful explosion
encompassing all of our options, YAY ME!
Huge thanks to Cheryl Hass for my Whispy and to Becky Gilbert for Jax.
With the temperaments of these two, the sky is the limit. We hope you enjoy watching them
grow along with us.